What is it?

VDI Sizing Tool (VST) is designed to measure and compare performance of Virtual Desktop solutions (VDI). It can generate user load (editing documents, browsing web pages, etc.) and collects performance information (times of particular actions: application opening, rdp session connection, etc.). Finally tool generates MS Excel report with performance data collected.

When I need it?

If you are going to evaluate virtual desktop consolidation solution, compare software/hardware stack and so on. Some typical cases are:

  • Compare virtualization solutions virtual desktops density: VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenDesktop
  • Check how different MS Windows or MS Office versions affect VDI Sizing
  • Check how various antivirus software affect VDI Sizing
  • Compare different hardware and/or optimize current hardware stack

Key VDI Sizing Tool features

• Easy to deploy: just run installer inside of virtual desktop and it will setup all benchmark tools and configure system for benchmarking
Virtualization aware. All time measurements and “sleep” operation are implemented by remote clock. It makes test robust and accurate in virtual machine, where local timekeeping may be inaccurate
• Workload randomization: All docs created with random words, pictures, numbers, etc
• Workload level customization: you can control level of system’s stress by changing “load_factor” – all sleeps and delays multiplied by this value. Also, you can control interval between sessions launch
• Convenient results presentation: Finally you get xls charts with operation latency, depending on number of virtual desktops
• Support for VMware View Client: You can emulate load using VMware View Client with PCoIP and RDP protocols